John Scalzi, Mary Robinette Kowal, and Ursula Vernon have teamed up to form the Insect Army, in response to one pro-petition writer, who said:

“The problem is that the ‘vocal minority’ of insects who make up the new generation of writers don’t scramble for the shadows when outside lights shines on them – they bare their pincers and go for the jugular. Maybe it is a good thing that SFWA keeps them locked up. The newer members who Scalzi et al. brought in are an embarrassment to the genre.”

God, all those people who Aren’t Us and Don’t Know Their Goddamn Place. Anyway, go read John’s post, Ursula has some hilarious art.

I’ve got actual work to do so need not to be writing about this today. But if I see any other good links, I’ll add them here.


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