Is anybody else getting like eight million pieces of breast pump spam? I sure am. Akismet isn’t aware of this campaign yet, either, because it’s all going into the moderation queue. Most of it is normal, but a subset of it has informed me about a fetish I had not previously thought to contemplate, and which I will contemplate as little as possible in the future.

Saturday we have Sarah Kellington of Pinniped coming in to lend us her fiddle talents on one of our tracks – weather permitting, of course, which it may well not. Mixing and engineering work is moving along nicely; Ellen Eades (whose Facebook page appears to be unlinkable) was in for another round of recording on Tuesday, and I’ve been doing the pleasantly-simple comping and edits on that.

I had another follow-up with the surgeon, it went well; thankfully, that’s all I have to say about that this time. Even if all goes well, I won’t have proper vision back for three months, but it’s better than going blind. At least I’m getting work done!

If you missed it, I posted a final hint post for the Mystery Instrument, here.

Finally, the only new thing I’ve seen today on the petition-to-SFWA flap is Kate Paulk rewriting history so fast the TARDIS can’t keep up. There’s nothing really new in it, but there it is for you. There are several other trackbacks at the Radish Review post that reported it first, if you’re really interested in following what are hopefully the last trailings of this gruesome farce.

eta: If you’re new to this controversy, An Embarrassing Stumble Towards Irrelevancy and A Horrible Group of People should give you some background; plus, there are many links in comments. The followup post is What is Being Lost, posted Monday, 17 February 2014.

eta2: Jim Hines just posted what he hopes is his wrap-up piece on this mess. He tries to explain what the people signing it had to have thought. I cannot get there from here; you have to actively ignore far too much of what actually happened, and give far too few damns about the racism and sexism permeating the petition, the petitioner’s history of awfulness, and the insistent (and, again, horrible) rewriting of history. There is a petition that could’ve been written which would have me believing all of this; hell, there might’ve been one I could support. But not this one, not this way, not this path. I don’t like saying it, but for me, if you signed that thing – and stand by it – those bridges are still pretty damn burned.

eta3: Damn, this thing is the gift that just keeps on giving, isn’t it? What is Being Lost, wherein I take several shots but then attempt to be serious and constructive, because honestly, this is just sad now.