In ref. the latest bit of SFWA-related fail, and the petition to restore the old system that lead to last year’s various racist and sexist disasters – because apparently 2013 wasn’t a bad enough year for the Science Fiction Writers of America, they must need another one – I was pointed at something else today.

The petition’s author, Dave Truesdale, described the 2007 atypically mostly-women PK Dick Award shortlist as, and I quote, “vagina-heavy” and the authors as “five furry pussies on the ballot,” in his column on He later amended the post to claim it was satire and protest against sexism by women, in true Men’s Rights Activist fashion.

Until now, I was merely very disappointed in the signatories to this thing. Now I’m angry. Anybody who would sign a petition by this asshole is off my reading list and onto my die in a fire list. Goddamn.

For those of you on Livejournal, James Nicoll has a poll running, which you may find interesting. The comment section is very active.

eta: Scalzi weighs in with some desperately needed advice for signatories.

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