Many of these deserve their entire own long rants. I don’t have time, as much as I want to. So I’m posting them in a list, and letting you pick. A few are just funny, for leavening, because that’s important too.

I’m leading with the most important, and finishing with the most important, even though they’re different – they’re both really important. First, something I don’t understand why doesn’t get more net traction:

Why Marketers Fear the Female Geek.

It’s because marketing to increase sexism is strategy, not accident. Basically, in a nutshell, it’s this: marketing strategy isn’t to market broadly, it’s to market to market segments, or subsets. Your first round of ads hits with a segment; if that segment is large enough to meet your sales goals, you then market to that segment that the ‘others’ not in that segment are lesser, because that increases buy-in within the targeted segment.

Tell Seahawks fans that 49er fans are weak, and more Seahawks fans buy your merch than if you don’t.

And in way too many geek subjects, that “other” means women.

Weak. Lesser. Not Really Gamers. Not Really People.

It’s intentional, and the targeted segment eats it up every time.

There’s more at the link, go chase it. Not all marketers use this strategy, but it’s common. The more people are aware that they’re being manipulated, they more they’ll resist it, because they resent it.

Surviving the post-employment economy. Wonder why there’s this sudden growing urge for a guaranteed basic minimum income? This is why.

Bad British NFL Commentary, by which one means comedic, but I’m not sure the one who posted this gets that. Their “bad baseball commentary” example (“No! Caught by the chap in the pajamas with the glove that makes everything easier. And they all scuttle off for a nap.”) is perfect baseball commentary.

It Is Easier Now That I Look Like a Guy – same person, femme to butch casually passing with male; suddenly their career is better and they get dramatically more respect from everyone. Go fig.

Federal Court Strikes Down Net Neutrality. This is very bad for the internet, and particularly bad for independent artists, because it means you want your traffic moved? Pay us, too. This has to be overturned, somehow. Common Carrier status is the most obvious way to get there; will it happen? Depends upon who throws the most money at whom, of course. But if it’s close – and there’s money on both sides of this – you might be able to shove it a bit one way or the other.