All of my Top 10 posts but one in 2013 are political – or, at least what I would call political. John Scalzi has seven of his top ten posts on similar topics, but doesn’t think of any of them as political. I find that kind of surprising and a little confusing.

See, in my head, I’m not sure how these various issues aren’t political. They aren’t necessarily partisan, true – it’s not to do with politics in the electoral sense – but all of it is still the politics of society.

What do you think? Are these “political” to you, or something else, and if so – what would you call them?

  1. Three out of Four – a mixture of PAX report and political complaint.
  2. Power and Supervillainy – about harassment at conventions.
  3. Gatekeeping and Recourse – something specifically only men can do about sexism in geekdom.
  4. All That SWFA Fail, a summary and linkpost to other posts about SFWA’s sexism and racism fails this past year.
  5. Somewhat Past Time – to just say Theodore Beale is a white supremacist.
  6. Unexpected Side-Effects – the triple-rainbow picture from last year, still in the top 10.
  7. Orson Scott Card Can Blow It Out His Ass – no, his begrudging admission that marriage equality is on the way does not make me want to see his movie.
  8. Exclusion – why representation matters, and why a crowd that’s 1/3rd women is not “gender-balanced” – but Hollywood thinks it is.
  9. Pushback and Misandry – I get into a fight with Penny Arcade’s Dave Kuchera. Watch as multiple guys call me a misandrist for citing data!
  10. If You Want an Organised Boycott – why I’m not boycotting PAX – yet – and what you’ll have to do if you want one to work.
    Once you get past those – 11 through 20:
  11. Kind of Done with Agents of SHIELD – finally! A post that’s kinda sorta something else!
  12. Going On – the end-game politics of the Baby Boomers.
  13. Two Followup Items – sexism in fandom and gaming again.
    You guys really prefer these kinds of posts to anything else, don’t you? But now we get into a different focus – DIYers, ahoy!
  14. Okay, Moffat, You Can Live – A Doctor Who 50th Reaction Post.
  15. The Studio Buildout Series, Part 7: Jeff Bohnhoff on Room Conditioning. The first DIY post in the top 20.
  16. DIY Video: Making Cheap Acoustic Sound Baffles. Another DIY post!
  17. The Studio Buildout Series – the amalgamation post containing links to every post in the set.
  18. The Studio Buildout Series: Part One – The Room. Room conditioning again, this time, by me.
  19. nwcMUSIC 2013: Sneak Preview. nwcMUSIC being the music festival I run at Norwescon.
  20. I Needed an On The Air Sign – the first remote-controlled on-the-air sign I made, another post from last year.

Moving further down the list, I find I’m still getting a bunch of hits from last year’s posts. And not just the triple-rainbow picture; mostly studio buildout series, as it turns out.

So, mostly what I think of as politics, and DIY. But like I said – I’d call these political, but other people clearly do not. What would you call them?