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eye bubbles

My eye bubble keeps getting smaller but has split into three bubbles. One large bubble, and two smaller, matching bubbles. Disney is filing a lawsuit against my eye for illegal use of trademark in bubbles.

Yeah, that’s all I got. Is it Monday already? I am kinda filled with the spirit of NOPE right now. I hate DST changes.


Big windstorm due in today! Things may be a little goofy around the Lair, since we’re self-hosted, and if the volcano gets blown out – don’t laugh this has happened – we might fall off the net.

Windstoooooooooorm. Wiiiiiiiiindstoooooooooooorm! Oh, hey, that reminds me of an experiment some collogues of mine ran…

disappointment requires expectations

Pretty neat watching all these folks who weren’t going to go see Ender’s Game because of OSC’s queers-must-be-kept-illegal NOM-board-membership Russian-anti-gay-law history posting their Ender’s Game reactions tonight. Not all of them, but… many.

Peter David is leading a charge already to get it a Hugo, and says if it doesn’t it’ll be proof that fandom doesn’t “have the balls” to defy the dreaded Political Correctness that apparently rules it.

I’ve been blocking a lot of Facebook posts this evening. I’m expecting I’ll have to unfollow some Tumblr people for a bit, too, ’till the 65% it’s getting on Rotten Tomatoes catches up to it and it fades away.

Maybe I should just stay off the net a while. Because here’s the thing: I realise that, for most of fandom, a couple of hours of entertainment outranks not supporting a writer who actively works to make law against me, and who believes I should be illegal, who has a history of being onboard with the queers==pedophiles newtype blood libel, whose organisation lobbied in Russia for their anti-gay crackdown laws, and all that.

I get that. I have for a long time. This is not a new realisation. I don’t much like it, but I get it. This has just been a reminder.

I’m not even that upset; disappointment requires expectations that I don’t have. I mean, obviously, I’m displeased, but this isn’t exactly shaking my world. I know better.

But being reminded of it every time I check my web browser? That, I really don’t like.

So I’m just gonna say: if you go see this thing? I don’t want to hear about it. His politics and his political friends and allies and his organisation and the organisations they support have been trying to destroy me my entire life. His side has assaulted me, sent me to hospital, waged newtype blood libel campaigns against me, run sometimes-successful initiative campaigns against me, forced me into a political life out of sheer self-preservation – they have quite literally cost me blood and treasure – and I’ve got one hell of a lot of trench warfare I can go off about if I have to.

And I don’t fuckin’ want to.

So if you’re gonna go see this thing – okay, whatever. Me, I’ll just hang over here, mostly offline for a few days; I’ve got a lot of shit to catch up with anyway. But you? Do me this much of a favour: don’t fuckin’ come telling me about it. Don’t fuckin’ come rationalising it to me. I don’t want to hear about it. I don’t want to hear about what donations you’re pledging to make to “counterbalance” it, I don’t care if you “separate the art from the artist,” I don’t care about your reasons: I don’t want to hear them.

Just. Don’t.

And once the novelty wears off, we can hopefully just forget about this whole thing.

Comments disabled. Because leaving them open… that’d just be a little too tempting, wouldn’t it? Yeah.

water is strange

Found this piece of lost chemistry notes from 2007, while cleaning out a closet. My notes are… occasionally random.

Water is Strange

Yes. Yes, it is.


Okay, so, I finally saw Chinatown the other day. Roman Polanski, 1974. Colour film noir.

Turns out the ending filmed wasn’t the end scripted. The screenwriter’s ending was rather different. (This is spoilerriffic, but c’mon, it’s a 1974 film.)

So let me get this straight, because this is really icky, and I don’t mean that in a funny way…

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