Whelp, the CD burning robot seems to have packed it in pretty good this time – doesn’t respond to commands, does randomly flail tiny arms around… I’ve managed to revive it before, but it’s never been this random.

I’m thinking of getting a multi-disc stacked CD duplicating controller and some CD burners – I was looking at this controller and this case (which appears to be fine as long as you don’t get a dodgy power supply with it) and a bunch of burners.

The problem is that SATA burners are all multi-layer and Blu-Ray (and thus expensive), while PATA/IDE burners are exactly right and cheap, but PATA controllers are hard to find, particularly given that Amazon has started blowing off search terms like SATA and LIGHTSCRIBE, because apparently they just hate everyone now.

Or I could buy this off of eBay, assuming it actually is five burners and Lightscribe – since the description does not match the title which may not match the photo (the photo looks like Sony Optiarc burners which lack the Lightscribe logo), I’m not sure!

Adventures. Any thoughts?