So I used a couple of Version 2a comp sheets on a track, wrote down change notes as I went, and implemented them; I think this version is pretty solid.

Comp sheet, Version 2b
Download PDF

What’s new:

  1. Little tics every five seconds down at the bottom of each section, to help me place marks more consistently across takes. This gives me a better “big picture” look at a set of takes;
  2. A “page __ of __” label at the top, for parts which have more than six takes. I found myself writing that in today, and this change means its always in the same place, making it easier to find. And:
  3. A repeat of the total-time-into-song markers at the bottom, in light blue. This is so I can look down as well as up to verify where I am on the page. That’s mostly useful only when working on lines 5 and 6 – particularly six – but I had room, so why not?

I don’t know whether anybody is still following along on these, but if you are: Download Comp Sheet PDF for legal-sized (8.5″x14″) paper.