I did a little voice acting work from my studio this weekend, the first creative work I’ve done since all this emergency eye surgery started up. It’s a new field for me; I’ve done a little stage acting, but no voice acting ever before. It’s very exciting! I did two character voices, all for elements of five short scenes, and gave two readings – a primary and and alternate interpretation – for each scene in each voice.

I got back mail about it today:

This is BEAUTIFUL work. I’m elated with these takes! Thank you!

I don’t know how much of it they’ll use, but they like it! I’m so excited. 😀 The production in question will be coming out next year sometime; I don’t know when. Of course, I’ll point at it when it comes out if they use my work.

Similarly, I’ll eventually point at Leannan Sidhe’s Mine to Love, when that comes out. I talked to Shanti about it recently about why it’s not out yet – I mean, it’s finished, why not? But basically, she really wants to do a proper release show, which is kind of difficult now that her fiddler lives in Wisconsin. So she’s trying to figure out if she has any way of making that happen.

Oh, about that eye thing, an update: still recovering, and more quickly than after the last surgery, even if it feels longer – that’s just because I never finished recovery the last time. Less pain now, but not zero; sleeping badly, but not all the time; listening to Night Vale, a little too often. Anna’s also recovering on schedule; she’s going to try to work part of the day this week, from home. Good night, dear readers. Good night!