One thing that happens in eye surgery is something called “positioning,” where there is literally a bubble in your eyeball that you keep in a correct spot by controlled angling of your head.

Which is why I’ve been staring at the ground since Friday, and why I’ve been movement-restricted since the first, unsuccessful go at this.

I knew this would be boring. I did not realise how painful it becomes over time. I have vicodin to take the edge off, but fuck, this hurts. Crying-from-the-whole-body-pain hurts, without the vicodin. Not so bad, with.

The good news is that tomorrow should be the last day, for the most part. There’s still phase-out and no lying on my back for another week and I won’t have full vision for a few more weeks, but…

yeah. Painful. Hell, Anna is in way less pain than I’ve been, and she had an organ out! At least so far. She’s still surfing the percoset wave at the moment.

I’ve ordered that ribbon microphone kit I’ve been wanting, as a bit of retail and DIY therapy. With some luck, next post can go back to talking about things like that instead.

But, of course, I’m mostly terrified of having to go back in for round three. Right now I don’t know how I’d do it.

OH: if you got any geekgirlcon pics of the show, send them in? Several people took photos and I handed out cards, but so far, no joy. I found one hall shot (sadly, angled and blurry, and really late, I look as exhausted as I was) on the Flickr stream, but that’s all. Thanks!