As a few of you may notice today: I am not at Orycon as planned. I am instead getting ready for another around of emergency eye surgery.

Basically, Dr. Saperstein said there was about 10% chance they’d have to go back in and do more work. Last weekend, I noticed an effect much like a meteor going across the sky, in the upper visual range of my right eye, the one they operated on two and a half weeks ago. I called in and got the on-call doctor, who said these things happen all the time from a million different reasons, and I shouldn’t worry about it.

I called in again on Monday, and was promised a return call by the surgeon’s assistant, but that didn’t happen; then I was too busy on Tuesday and Wednesday due to insurance company insanity (not medical; business and home, and they have also failed to call me back) and then some other day job things which also were kind of crazymaking.

So I finally called back on Thursday and said, “Look, this thing is happening, I don’t like my peripheral vision in my upper right eye, I’m about to go out of town for three days and then my partner has cancer-related surgery, I need it looked at.” And it took a couple of tries, but I got to see the on-call in Bellevue, all the external tests were really apparently quite good, but they dilated my eye and the on-call looked in said “Yep, this looks fine, this looks…” and started dictating numbers.

Pro tip: when the retinal surgeon stops saying fine and starts throwing numbers to the nurse assistant? That’s when something’s not right.

It’s not the previous retinal tear, either. It’s one of the two other areas of latticing (also from physical trauma) which Dr. Saperstien said would eventually fail, so he was going to go ahead and fix them now. Maybe he should’ve left well enough alone there. Or maybe it would’ve failed with the other work. No way for me to know.

Regardless, now another around of emergency surgery. Basically, the last three weeks get re-run. I really wish the on-call had taken me seriously last weekend and/or the office had called me back on Monday like they were supposed to; maybe we could’ve got this patched up on Tuesday, and I’d still have a shot of a reduced schedule at Orycon before Anna’s surgery, and at very least, maybe I wouldn’t be looking at not being able to be with Anna at the hospital during her surgery on Monday.

(This is a real possibility; it depends upon the post-surgical reaction. I just don’t know right now.)

So. This was kind of horrible the first time, but I made the best of it, I think. Honestly, that’s a little harder to do this time around. Hopefully I won’t have to be in a weird head position for weeks. I won’t know until Saturday. Wish me luck; at this point, we really appear to be needing it.