Hello, thousand new visitors over the last couple of days! I hope some of you come back to see this post, too.

You’re here because of PAX and the politics and sexism and misogyny in geek culture, and not my music. That’s cool. Given where most of you are coming from, I’m thinking you’re against the whole sexism and misogynistic exclusion thing. That’s very cool.

There’s one thing I most want shared from all of this, and it’s not the recent PAX posts. It’s another post I wrote a few weeks ago. It’s called gatekeeping and recourse, and it’s about a tactic guys – and mostly only guys – can use against sexist exclusion in gaming and fandom.

The details are in the post, but it’s an old Civil Rights Movement tactic. It’s minimal and simple, and doesn’t start trouble; it’s about short-circuiting a feedback loop that supports exclusion, and it’s a small thing which is nonetheless known to be effective. It’s not new, and I didn’t invent it; Stetson Kennedy did, or, at least, I got it from him.

I want it out there because it’s a tangible action people can take. Please, particularly if you’re a guy in gaming, but regardless – go read about it, if you haven’t, and forward it to your supportive guy friends.

Here’s the raw link:



And if you decide to stick around, we put out a new song in August, for Jaegercon, the Pacific Rim fan convention. It’s new, and a free download. It was inspired by Pacific Rim, but it’s fun for kaiju flick fans in general; you just have to know that Jaegers (“Hunters”) are kaiju-fighting mecha. Give it a listen, won’t you?