Sorry for the intense lag bout there – after getting back from Vancouver, Friday got swallowed whole by more cat problems and a mountain of paperwork. The weekend… yeah, mostly more cat pee cleanup. I tried to put my studio back together on Saturday, but had to take it apart again.

But I think I’ve found the last hidden spot in my studio which has been driving me insane for a week*, at last, tonight.

BUT. ENOUGH ABOUT CAT PEE. Vancouver and the Great Big Sea show at the PNE was awesome. Geri and Robert let us crash at their place again – thanks! The Fair, by the way, has this:

Oh Jesus

…which is something I’m sure nobody needed to know. I did not partake, but I almost did. Instead, I bought alcohol and Siegel’s, which are now safely stashed in our pantry.

Of course, the show:

Setting the Stage
(More photos on my Flickr stream.)

GBS was good, as always, but the experience – I hate to say this, but I knew it would be true – paled against seeing them last year on their home turf. The crowd was into it, don’t get me wrong, but not on the same order of magnitude.

The funniest moment in the show was when Alan realised one of the giant mobile sculpture-like metal towers behind the audience (Revelation) was actually a ride and there “are people up there,” at which point he was all, “…what did you do?!

He looked genuinely freaked out. It was hilarious.

Thursday was the last day of Mt. Pleasant/East Van icon Rhizome, which is a sad and terrible thing – they’re moving to Toronto, partly for family reasons, and re-opening there. DAMN YOU, EASTERN STANDARD TRIBE!

I stopped by for a last lunch and to hang out a bit, and ended up putting them back in contact with another person who moved from Vancouver to Toronto, and took a few pictures; this one is fitting:

Accidental Sepiatone

Accidental sepiatone actually was accidental, a mis-exposure and happy accident. I have a regular-colour shot too, but I like this one better. Anna and I also helped Robert move his old rear-projection TV to the recycle centre; a relaxed and lazy day before catching the train south.

Once back, at King Street Station, we walked by this beautiful beast:

Private Car

I asked the station employee in the photo what the deal was, and she told me it was a private car. I know about these, but hadn’t yet seen one; essentially, you can buy an old rail car and pay rail companies to haul them around for you – with cargo trains too, this isn’t just CascadiaRail or Amtrak – with you and yours in them. It’s like an RV, but for the rails.

I want one so much. 😀

So, that’s a bit of catching up. Today we’ll have another go at putting the studio back together sans remaining stink, and try to get back on proper track.

*: Honestly, you have no idea how disruptive this has been. He started while we were gone, and it went from never to 2-4 times a day, and there’s not a day I’m not spending at least a couple of hours cleaning cat pee or aftereffects thereof, just trying to catch up. It’s all I did for a solid week; at least it’s not all my time anymore. On top of that, everything is stacked up in fenced-off areas he can’t reach; it’s like we’re in the middle of packing for a move, and that includes my studio. I’m having anxiety nightmares. We have an action plan now, but… yeah.