Cellist Betsy Tinney has launched a Kickstarter to fund the solo album everyone has been trying to get her to record for years. If you care at all for cello, check out this project.

You may know Betsy as one third of Tricky Pixie (along with SJ Tucker and Alexander James Adams) or you may have seen her playing with The Heather Dale Band or Gaia’s Consort. She’s a studio artist with and occasionally plays out for Leannan Sidhe, and Vixy & Tony… the list goes on. But she’s never stepped out on her own, before now.

I’ve had the pleasant opportunity to jam with her a few times, and work with her in studio. She’s a consummate professional – she’s recorded for Windham Hill, ffs – and you can be damn sure she’ll deliver. I’ve never been to Mystic Fig Studios, where she’s recording all her tracks, but I know it by reputation. Some of you may have seen musician and Mystic Fig studio engineer Jeff Bohnhoff’s contributions to this blog in the past.

See, here’s the thing: Betsy wasn’t just doing the geek cello thing before cello was geekmusic cool; she was part of the reason cello became geekmusic cool. In other words, Betsy didn’t follow this trend; she started it. Or at least certainly helped. And now that she’s finally recording her solo album, it’s time to throw some Kickstarter love. Go. Now!

ALSO, since it’s been a while since I’ve opened comments up for a Go Plug Yourself Friday: COMMENT ON THE BAND BLOG WITH YOUR ART! NOT THE ECHOS, THE OFFICIAL BLOG ONLY! Everybody who comments on the official blog will be included in the collection post next week. No account needed. But it has to be work you create, either solo or as part of a group – no resellers.

Have a good weekend, everybody!