A postcon report for a virtual comicon? YES, B’Y!

I’ve seen a bunch of Bittercon/can’t-be-there-con/VirtualCons attempted, and this one sincerely had way more going for it than any other one I’ve ever seen. I mean, once you’ve got panel programming going? You may as well start selling tickets. Cosplay! Interviews! Wet con suite! The aforementioned panel programming! Room parties of horrible film! (Okay, I’m kind of retroactively including Friday night’s Sharknado vs. Deep Blue Sea suck-off here. Sharknado won.) Dealers! Giveaways! Really short plane trips home! What else can you ask?

I missed shinykari‘s Overly Dramatic Readings panel, which is a shame, because I heard nothing but hilarity coming out of it. tereshkova2001‘s Rocking Hall Costuming and my Kitting Out Cheap panels drew… we aren’t really sure? Because YouTube is weird. But we both had audiences asking questions and we were able to do Q&A. YouTube’s play stats jumped from 0 to 15 to 51 viewers, and more than 15 people looked at supplementary materials, so I’m kinda leaning towards close to that 51, and I’ve seen plenty of smaller panel audiences at Norwescon panels.

shinykari‘s panel doesn’t seem to be archived, which is a goddamn shame. But tereshkova2001’s and my panels are! So here’s an embed for that. Torrey starts the show; my panel starts at 61 minutes in. The two embeds are queued to start at different places but apparently that doesn’t give you two different previews. :-p Nonetheless, enjoy:

Tereshkova2001 on Rocking Hall Costuming:

Solarbird, the Lightbringer, on Kitting Out Cheap:

So, yeah! Huge props to optimysticals for getting this thing rolling. If you weren’t at SDCC, you shoulda been here! And if you weren’t here, why the hell not?