Meet Carol Kaye, bass goddess of the The Clique, a.k.a. the Wrecking Crew, the semi-famous group of top-level session musicians who could play anything, anywhere, for anyone, and generally did. You’ve heard her work many times if you’ve heard anything from the mid-20th century.

Here’s a bit of work where she’s featured, on YouTube – fuck yeah bass melodies! – and here’s a cool exercise for bass she invented I should adopt because it’s awesome, also on YouTube. I didn’t see a video of her demonstrating this exercise herself, or I’d’ve linked that instead. She’s still around, too, which is awesome.

For those following along on plumbing adventures: yeaaaaaah that … was not cheap. But not as expensive as it could’ve been. And! No greywater in the ceiling anymore? A bargain at twice the price. Today I start meeting up with drywall repair. We’re going to have to change the wall a little bit. That won’t be cheap either.