I’ve had a hoarse and horky weekend, thanks to forgetting my seasonal allergy meds on Friday – I must be the only serious supervillain who can be laid low by forgetting her antihistamines* – and I’m pretty much thinking I want this retail therapy:

…on the T-shirt. I mean, honestly, the band name comes from the opening credits of this show. Well, of the show they’re parodying, The Powerpuff Girls. Who are they protecting Townsville from? Crime, and the Forces! Of! Evil! How can I not? XD

But I also have way too many T-shirts. I collect them for concert-wear, in form-fitting sizes (usually small), so I can show up on stage with a Fire Ferrets/Republic City T and things like that. It’s fun. 😀

But I do have an awful lot of them at this point.

Maybe I should get this one larger. It’ll probably shrink. Now, where did I put that Chemical X…

*: You know what’d be funny? If Poison Ivy** had pollen allergies.
**: Strangely, I am not allergic to poison ivy. Or Poison Ivy, for that matter. But she’s got a girlfriend.

ps: I did a bunch more work on the website over the weekend. Little things. Did you know the albums on the blog can play while you’re reading the blog? Check it. 😀 And if you see any bugs, let me know!