Hey, Minions! I’ve asked this at apple.com’s support fora, but I don’t expect an answer. Perhaps I should have them liquidated. Anyway, maybe you’ll know!

iCal has stopped synching calendars correctly with my iPhone 3GS. This makes my phone fucking useless. Okay, not useless, because IM still works, but a whole hell of a lot less useful.

I am syncing via iTunes, not via the cloud; I have the latest patches for Mountain Lion; I cannot upgrade the machine’s OS, because I need Rosetta. The iPhone is running the latest version of iOS Apple has pushed, but this began a couple of patches ago – I was holding off on the latest because of Reasons, and upgraded hoping the upgrade would fix it. It didn’t. I also have the latest version of iTunes for Mountain Lion.


  • No appointments made on the phone, in any calendar, make it into iCal. (I have five calendars that used to sync; all stopped at once.)
  • Old appointments made in iCal before this started happening still sync correctly from iCal to the phone.
  • New appointments made in iCal sometimes make it onto the phone, and sometimes do not. I haven’t been able to detect a pattern.
  • When new appointments made iCal do make it onto the phone, they are correct, except that there is always a second ghost appointment also created, only on the phone, called “New Event.” It will have the same time and date information as the actual appointment, and be listed as the correct calendar, but will contain none of the associated appointment data.

When an appointment does sync from iCal,
it looks like this.

I have tried:

  • Upgrading phone to latest iOS version
  • Desyncing all calendars from phone, then resynching them.
  • Telling iTunes to overwrite all calendar data on sync. (I know this actually happened, because appointments I’d made on the phone which had not synched disappeared after overwrite was initiated.)
  • Resetting phone to factory and reapplying everything from scratch. (This was the most recent action, two weeks ago, was a huge pain.)

None of these resulted in any change in observed behaviour.

What is new in the last few days is that until now, all iCal appointments had been making it to the phone, so as long as I made the appointments in iCal first, I could at least know of them while in the field. Alas, that is no longer the case.

Any ideas? Because honestly, there is damned little more important when trying to invert the Earth’s Van Allan belt than calendars that actually fucking work. Well, okay, you need the reactor to power the kilotesla magnetic field generators. But other than that.