We’re having all kinds of weird and random problems with YouTube and Google-hosted stuff. This mostly isn’t a big deal, just really annoying – I use DuckDuckGo as my search engine, so.

But it is a thing. and it’s not just lagginess – if I go to YouTube and try to switch accounts, it says I don’t have multiple accounts, then it lets me try to log into my other one, then that fails with a bad password or no response at all (often the latter), then suddenly I’m logged in to both accounts, except one isn’t available, except when it is, and then I can check analytics… unless it just decides not to load. Then I may and may not be logged into both accounts anymore.

Videos sometimes load perfectly and sometimes just never load at all. It’s across browsers and machines, and I’ve rebooted the hardware router. We can’t detect a pattern yet, other than it’s only on Googleplex sites. Everybody else is fine.

To wit: whut?

eta: oh ho, maybe it’s not just us:

Problem loading Google+

There was a problem loading the Google+ CSS. Please double check your network connection and try reloading in a few minutes.