A heads up: today’s Tech Woot looks to be a quality microphone for the price. I didn’t even know Blue – who are a quality maker – made a USB microphone, or, for that matter, much in this price range. (I think they had a cheap ribbon mic at some point? But mostly their ribbons are pretty high end. And this is a large-can condenser, anyway.)

I wouldn’t want to move it around a lot – it’ll be too fragile to take out – but anyone wanting to muck around with home recording for as little cost as possible, just wanting to learn the concepts? You could do a lot worse. Particularly given that it’s a USB mic, and you won’t need to buy an external interface.

Here’s the URL: http://tech.woot.com/offers/yeti-usb-microphone-12

And, for the record, I have no connection or financial interest in either Woot or Blue, other than losing in a bidding war for a Blue Woodpecker ribbon mic once on eBay. XD

(h/t Stickmaker for the callout.)