Three days left of prep for nwcMUSIC 2013/Norwescon 36. Everything is a little crazy and I am up to my ears in making support material.

There are particular work items I’ve been dreading. The MONSTARRS OF NERDCORE poster inspires particular ph33r, despite having the idea.

See, I always do big banner posters for each night’s concert sets. They get changed out every morning. I’m used to that. But this big nerdcore event needs a separate poster, because it’s DIFFERENT and UNIQUE and a ONE-OFF and a SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE and and and I haven’t drawn much lately. Plus, my old Wacom tablet doesn’t work with any actual computers I actually currently own, because it requires a physical PC serial port on an actual PC motherboard, and believe me, I have tried and failed to work around this.

But Monoprice has these kind of shockingly cheap tablets for cheap. So I got one, and jeezum crow that’s better. Somehow, I’d forgot how much tablets improved drawing.

Click to Embiggen

It’s big – 11×17. I’m really happy with how it came out. Here, have a massive print-resolution MONSTARRS OF NERDCORE PDF. Suitable for framing!

Anyway, lots more to do. Will you be there?