Bone Walker, the second book in the Free Court of Seattle series, is off to the editor. This is, of course, awesome, and big news.

Bone Walker cover pencils (draft 2)

What you don’t see in the Kickstarter update – that only project backers get to see – is that we also dropped a rough-mix of one track from the soundtrack album. It’s not complete – the flute part isn’t even recorded yet – but Anna really wanted to let the backers hear what’s going on. It’s the song for a higher-powered-than-seen-before fight, in Bone Walker, on the Burke-Gilman trail, with elves and kitsune and a dragon.

You’re gonna like that one. It’s boomy. But I have to wonder what’s up with that trail in this universe, because it seems to attract a lot of fights.

Me, I was up late last night laying down more instruments for more tracks. This one’s currently just called “Chapter 23.” It’ll need a better name! But right now I’m just working on getting the music finished. Titles can come later.