Remember all the things that got lost in the disastrous trip to Portland? Well, I’ve been replacing things, and the latest is the iPad that was part of the electronics set that went away with the flute and the rest of my backpack.

And of course it’s arriving the one day that I can guarantee that we can’t be here – at least, for half of the delivery window – because Anna has a followup medical appointment where she’ll need to be sedated lightly, which means she can’t drive. So ironic!

Which, of course, means you’re thinking, no, it’s not, you idiot. What is it with you and Alanis Morissette, don’t you know what classical irony actually means? Farfle farfle farfle farfle farfle.

Except this is a re-order. The original order form gave me an initial delivery date on this same day. And I knew I couldn’t be here because of said medical appointment. That caused me to need to route delivery to the Apple Store, following directions from phone support. Those directions turned out to be wrong, and for bonus points, the actual delivery date for that first order turned out to be a week earlier. And all that was apparently harmless until it turned into CLUSTERFUCK OF FAIL and the iPad got returned by the store, and that one’s still lost.

So Apple support sent a new one, as a re-order. And now this re-order’s new, actual delivery date is… back on the day when we’ll miss it.

It literally is just so ironic.

not that kind of irony


I’ve ordered it held for pickup by the shipping agency instead. Let’s find out whether this, too, can turn into tasty, tasty irony. The setup is there! But I hope not. Fun’s fun, but c’mon. I want my toy. GIMMIE!