It may surprise you to know that Thanksgiving (both First and Second) are big holidays here at the lair. That’s because food is yummy. No, wait. That’s because supervillainy is awesome. And because food is yummy. You didn’t know there was a connection? What, don’t you remember Cooking with Shego and Baking with GlaDOS?

No? Well, here, I’ll scan a couple of old programme guide listings. That’ll jog your memory, I bet.

Ah, nostalgia

Nothing? Really? No CBC12 or CBC 8 for you, then. That does suck. Ah, well.

Anyway, no update on the missing instruments and electronics; we’re kind of presuming them gone at this point. No time like Black Friday to terrorise some malls and steal some merch, tho’! At least there’ll be some fun out of it.

Happy Second Thanksgiving, and, as always, try not to die!