Just had the weekend from hell: driving down to Portland for a show, my car decided it didn’t like its new front axles and tried to spit them out. NOT FUNNY.

Along the way to getting a tow from Sears (in Three Rivers Mall) and making it to the train station, my backpack went away. I’m pretty sure it actually made it to the train station, but disappeared after that. I’m suspecting specifically it got left on the bed of the truck, which means it flew off somewhere between there and the towing / service company lot.

There are electronics in it that I care about, but MUCH MORE, I lost two musical instruments which were inside, including the first bamboo piccolo I ever made, which has been kind of a constant companion ever since. Seriously, I am pretty fucked up about this. I wrote so much music on that thing it isn’t even funny, and now it’s just gone.

The backpack is red and grey with black straps. The black straps are a bit worn upon examination. Hanging from the zipper in back are Squid Girl and the bassist from K-On. The flute is in a case made of a red rose ribbon and green backing fabric. I can describe other contents in some detail. This is an old picture before I had anything hanging from the zipper:

The blurry ribbon-thing at the bottom is Popcorn’s sleeve. Here’s a picture of Popcorn:

If you know anyone in Kelso and Longview (all this was within Kelso, not over in Longview), please ask them to be looking out for it. I am offering a reward for the bag and contents, if that helps. Once I have a working car again – which should be Tuesday – I will pick up. Comment here, or contact via the contacts page. Thanks.