I was going to post about the DEVO/Blondie show I saw a couple of months ago because I want to talk about nostalgia acts vs. acts which may have been around a while but are still going, and I bet you can guess which is which here, but I’m just not feelin’ it. So NONE FOR YOU! Today anyway. Later.

Plus I’m crazy busy because today is laundry day and cleaning day and also I built a new remote-controled ON AIR/OFF AIR sign for downstairs last night that I modified a little this morning (I changed the plug so it’s out of the way):


…AND I have someone coming in at 2pm for a vocals recording session, so I just don’t have time.

I’ll talk about the sign in a DIY post on Wednesday or maybe the Wednesday after. It’s REMOTE CONTROLLED! And very, very 20th Century, to echo a comment made on Livejournal about my Big Board and recording organisation system. Yes, yes, it is.

Somebody buy me a free tablet I can just hang on the wall instead and I’ll show you the modern solution that I’ve already built. But that one needs a smarter display, something that can stay powered for hours and listen to a webserver and and and.

More Wednesday. ^_^