Hey, it’s Friday! This weekend is the first Norwescon concom meeting, and there’s lots of nwcMUSIC work to be doing. We’ve actually been going already all summer, but there’s a bunch of crunch work to be gone after now.

Have some interesting links:

World’s first colour film footage viewed for literally the first time. An Edwardian inventor in the UK had a system, and a patent, but didn’t get the projector finished before he died. This is full- and natural-colour motion picture footage from 1902.

How YouTube’s content-management system lets other people claim your work. This happened to NASA, to the Democratic National Convention, and to the Hugo awards just this summer. Personally, I’ve had four claims against my own work for videos I’ve uploaded. It’s bullshit.

TYPEFACE SELECTION MATTERS. Apparently, in ways I didn’t even realise; worth reading.

And I’ll let Grandpa Skrillex play you out. Have a good weekend, everybody!