OMG you guys Westercon was so much fun! Having Leannan Sidhe and Marcos Duran on stage with me for the show? Epic and I so need to do that again. Also, I can’t believe programming tapped me to fill in for Alexander James Adams on stuff – they ran me around like crazy and I damn well earned my attending pro badge, but in a great way. And Greg Bear called me awesome after our panel together on Sunday. AAAAAAAAAAA so much fangirl squee.  O_O /

to wit

Panels went great. I have a few things to add to the Kitting Out Cheap handout (talking of: WESTERCON KITTING OUT CHEAP PARTICIPANTS: This is your digital handout!), the alien music panel was all sorts of fun, and leading the Pirate Parade lets you go around being total jerks but since you’re doing it as pirates everybody loves it. XD I got to listen to the Building a Spaceship panel from back stage while dressing for the parade, I wish I could’ve been there for the whole thing.

Really, I wanted to go to that convention twice, once so I could actually attend it. XD

yeaaaah that webstreaming thing

I’m sorry the concert webstreaming didn’t work! It didn’t work for anybody. The video people had server issues and couldn’t get it fixed until Sunday. They should be able to get me the audio and video, however, and I’ll see how that came out and hopefully get some of it on YouTube. Both tech crews (audio and video) had to struggle mightily against travails this past weekend, and worked their asses off doing it – hats off for grace under fire to all of them.

I bought so much art. You should totally check out Céline Chapus’s work. Also Elizabeth Berrien’s wire sculpture if you can see it in person – photos give you an idea, but don’t do it justice. Also, Torrey’s Prince Zuko costume is really good, she’s nailed that whole accurate-to-the-totally-wrong-scarring-in-the-show thing, the detail work is super-nice.

Also: best convention afterparty I’ve been to in some time, a great way to end the show. Thanks all you guys! I’ll get the next RIAA/business of music post up tomorrow, and see you next weekend at Comic Sans/Clallam Bay Comiket!