Other people have music! I knew this was possible.

  1. Leannan Sidhe have added an incentive – whoever gets them to four digits on their recording Kickstarter gets album art design sketch prints.

    Cool stuff nobody else gets is awesome, and it’s just whoever gets them to $1000, no specific amount required. As I’m writing this, they aren’t far off from that level, so check it – it might still be available!

  2. I kind of skipped DEVO’s comeback Something for Everybody album when it came out in 2010, thinking they’d been done for a long time, and not caring for nostalgia acts. But having finally bought it – wow, was I wrong. They had unfinished business to do. SoE is New Traditionalists-level work, without retreading; good parts and a sum which is greater.

    Standouts: Fresh, What We Do, Mind Games, Later is Now. Only one real misstep (Cameo). Of particular note: No Place Like Home, possibly the least-DEVO-like Devo song they ever recorded, and a vector showing where they might’ve gone in better hands. But listen to the album as a unit.

  3. This isn’t music, but Anna’s fantasy novel kickstarter for Faerie Blood and Bone Walker has also added an incentive: whoever gets her to $3000 gets to name a character after themselves and have that character killed off. It’ll be either in the third Kendis Thompson book, or a future Warder universe story.

    I suspect you can also name the character someone else. I hope you can, anyway. XD

It’s a hard time to be in the creative classes, particularly in the States, where support for non-commodifyable culture has been on the rocks for years. This article is both relevant and interesting on that point. So go help make up for that kind of crap, and launch some art!