Finally prepped for Norwescon 35 and nwcMUSIC 2012. All that’s left is instrument loadout, which is ready but won’t go into the car until tomorrow. Also, um, I forget, what is it – oh yeah, toothbrush. Clothes. I should put some of those in a suitcase. Things like that. XD

The run-up this last week has been full! of! surprises! that I won’t detail here, but then, it wouldn’t be nwcMUSIC or Norwescon without them. If you’re gonna be there, find me, say hi. I’ll be too busy to acknowledge it, but I’ll appreciate it later. ^_^

For now, I’m off to play a meaningful amount for the first time since Sunday night (agh!) and generally try to make sure I get some sleep tonight, because once this thing starts, there ain’t no stoppin’ ’till Sunday. See you on the flip side…!