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using the hangouts

Hey, are any of you on Google+? If so, Leannan Sidhe is trying to use the G+ Hangouts feature for weekly bardic circle playing events on Wednesdays. Punters – people just there to listen – are more than welcome.

I’m going to try to make next week’s; I couldn’t make the inaugural last night because I was at Session in Renton. Honestly I have no idea how this works as I haven’t used it yet, but yay, experiments! She’s also doing a Monday version to see whether that works better for people. Go read her page for that.

I AM LOOKING FOR MORE SHOWS. Seriously, guys, right now I have nothin’ until July and Comic Sans/Clallam Bay Comiket. I really, really, really want to do more house concerts! Hosting is not so difficult – it’s like throwing a party – and I will and do travel. Travel days are awesome if I have time to wander around at all. You find things, like rivers, and purple mountain flower, and I mean, how else can I show people that, despite all my bitching about Skyrim, it’s kinda true:

I do

kinda sorta

live there.

And I like goin’ around seein’ it.

Watch out for dragons! (⌒▽⌒)

supervillainy takes a holiday

Supervillainy took a holiday! We saw Le Vent du Nord:

…who proceeded to dedicate a song to us (!) because…

…Anna and I got Canada married at a Quebecois music festival where there was…

…poutine, and I got…

…a hat that is wearing another hat. This is the best hat evar.

Then this happened:

…which is not actually Wil Wheaton playing the accordion while noted fan Rusty Hevelin dances like a maniac. Or is it?

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