So much more work to do for nwcMUSIC 2012 at Norwescon 35! I’ve been making posters and banners and all that. We’re also going to run an open mic (first time) and a session (first time) and Cascadia’s Got Talent! (which is really Cascadia’s Got a Gong Show, but let’s not quibble) and many other performance opportunities including overnight playspace – there are so many things going on!

Plus concerts, of course. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. So much awesome! It’s the kind of lineup I can’t believe we’ve managed in only our second year.

So what do you guys think of the “social digest” thing anyway? It’s only posted a couple of times so far; this is an example. It’s one of the features of Fanbridge, and I asked the mailing list before turning it on and people seemed okay with trying it. I didn’t entirely realise it’d echo to Facebook and Twitter too. XD Do you like it?

PS: “Colour only, sir. More expensive!”