Shanti of Leannan Sidhe is going to give Google+’s ‘hangout’ feature another go today (Monday) and is hosting a bardic-circle-style musician hangout at 5pm Cascadian Daylight Time, which is like 9am Tokyo and midnight London and 8pm Toronto.

If everything goes right, at least a couple or even a few people will be performing, most notably her and hopefully me, taking turns. You need a G+ account but you don’t need webcam or microphone; you can listen and watch and chat in text, like on UStream and similar. It will be informal and chatty.

There will be NEW TRIX with equipment, hopefully to make the sound come out better than laptop microphone would otherwise allow. I bought a new portable sound interface a few months ago (on closeout, one being replaced with a newer model) and I finally have a reason to screw with it! Yay!

Stop by if you have time. It may be entertaining, either musically, or, failing that, possibly a train-wreck kind of way! She’ll post a link here when things get started, so watch that page OK!

So how was your weekend? Mine wasn’t entirely flaily – went down to the Bekah Kelso show at Sidhehaven, hung out here and caught up on Castle and more of Downton Abbey while working on some gear. YES I AM A SUCKER FOR EDWARDIAN ENGLISH HOUSE DRAMA. This isn’t new. It used to be Upstairs, Downstairs, now it’s this, these aren’t the only two. They are a secret weakness I dare not allow myself to indulge – too much.

Anyway! Hangout/online/performance/chatty thing on Google+! Come try it! I am!