A linkfest post? Really? YES. I did enjoy meeting up with Songwriters in Seattle on Monday, tho’. Hey, if any of you make it over here, hi! I’m getting ready for my show in Portland on Sunday. It’s a house concert but I can get you in; just email me if you’re interested!

Anyway, a small number of links:

I haven’t loved an XKCD post this much in a long time.

This is possibly of interest to anybody doing creative work. Publishing houses cutting back so much on their own promotion and shifting that burden more heavily to authors has shoved writers over. It’s not as bad as label musicians yet, tho’.

I used to guerilla garden. I planted edibles. Now the entire town’s going apey for it!

Vostok Lake pointed me at this musician networking website. No idea whether it’s useful yet, but I signed up because hey, why not.

My hair got all red! I have proper supervillain hair now. Well, not all red – red panels, but I held them all in front so you can see ’em! I love it, even if the inside of my shower stall looks like an axe murderer’s rehearsal studio.

…or is that because?