So, yeah! I kinda took the weekend off. It was nice! I played Skyrim, organised old fanac artefacts, and made many horrible noises on the viLOLin, the violin I mentioned in Friday’s post about how to build your kit for cheap. That was fun. ^_^

But me being lazy? Not what this blog is about! So: right now, I need people who will host house concerts. I know, I know, scary, too hard, frightening, run away! But I swear to you, they’re really not difficult to host! It’s like a friends party at your house, but with live entertainment. The host provides a space and their friends as an audience, and I show up and set up the PA and do my thing.

This video is from a house concert. It has a lot more talk with it than other videos, so you have context, and can get an idea of the atmosphere. People are relaxed and having a good time:

Heather Dale has a big writeup about house concerts on her website. It’s kind of a how-to guide. If you have any willingness to consider this at all, I hope you’ll read that and talk to me. I also hope people who have hosted house shows (me or other people) will vouch for it not actually being scary.

I’m finding I get a lot better as I get more opportunities to play out. House concerts definitely count. And it’s also something different, which is important.

See, I’m kind of a neophile, for better and worse. Coming out of software development, that sounds like one of those bullshit self-aggrandising lines, where it’s all “OMG AWESOME TECHLUST LOLOLOL,” but there’s a real “for worse” part, and the “for worse” part is kicking my ass. I used to play five or six hours a day. I don’t, now; it’s a couple of hours most days, and five-six hour days are very rare. That’s part of what has me poking around at the viLOLin: it’s something different. No matter how much I like something – and I really do still love this – the repetition starts to get to me.

Live shows help a lot. It’s just easier for me to put in repetitive work if I know I have a deadline, a show, a goal, a thing, whatever it might be. It feels so much less masturbatory. Not to mention the good parts about meeting people and performing and going places and doing things; all of that is awesome! But the big help is just having this work be for a reason.

I mean, if I’m trying to make up for all my lost time, I’d think I need to be at that five to six hours a day level, at a minimum. I’ve read about musicians who just go all day, particularly classical artists, and that’s the kind of quality goal I tend to have for myself. But for me, that much repetition – particularly without a specific goal – is a one-way ticket to burnout city. I’ve been there. I had a house there. It sucked.

So, please. Consider it, and talk to me. Heather’s page on house concerts is under “how to help” on her website, and that’s what I’m asking for here.

Which all turned out to be a pretty damned long blog post given that I didn’t have anything to write about an hour ago.

And how was your weekend?