So, yeah, I finally have a chance to sit down and write something again!

Friday’s show was lots of fun; thanks again to B-Side Records for having all of us! I think I scared some of the gentler fans of Leannan Sidhe and Kraken-Rohl, but really, that’s good. Muah ha ha!

Saturday and Sunday were Conflikt days. I really enjoy Conflikt, not just because of the excellent con suite, not just because it’s an all-music convention, but also because I can do all this new/raw material and nobody minds. My performances will be rough, but I can do a fleet of new material and people will listen seriously. “Open Mic Night at the Winking Skeever,” “Sad Muppet,” “Scene from a Starship on Fire,” “Get Out,” and “Getting Away with It” all got first public performances. The last of those is still a bit of a mess, but the others? Less OFD than expected! Which is good news.

“Sad Muppet” was the most fun to put together. Thanks to Sunnie Larsen, Allegra Sloman, Leannan Sidhe, and Autumn O’Leary for being the Minion Chorus and Signer for that one. It’s so much better a song as soon as the chorus actually exists – I tried to rework it into a song I could do solo, but it just doesn’t work right.

I’d say more but I’m pretty wiped out – not from the weekend necessarily, because I got huge amounts of Stuff done on Monday and was pretty high-energy all day – but idk why. Regardless, all that was great! I want to do more shows – particularly house concerts! They’re really easy and we don’t need a huge turnout – it’s like throwing a party, with entertainment, and they’re really helpful. Let me know if you’re willing to help!

More later. For now, g’night!