I recently found turntable.fm. It’s kind of a chat site except for playing music. Each room is a also DJ room; you can play music for everybody in your room, your own or from the site’s library. People can take turns playing DJ, and they make it easy to buy tracks you like, which is how they make their money and how they don’t get shut down. You need a US proxy server or a an IP in a block that is generally believed to be in the US because of DMCA bullshit, but if you have that, it’s pretty epic.

Here’s the thing; I live in range of KEXP and C89FM, two of the best independent music stations in North America. I listen to them! They’re locally programmed and that’s awesome, because they’re run by people who care about music.

But they each have their preferences. There’s a definite KEXP sound. Same for C89FM. Once upon a time, a decently-sized city would’ve had a few of these stations – if you were lucky, several – so you’d have non-generic options in the ways you don’t, generally, now. Most towns ended up with zero; we’re lucky even to have the two.

This brings some of that back. Different rooms, different DJs, taking turns, a lot of different styles. You guys, I have bought so much new music in the last couple of days it’s just stupid. And cool. Like a fez.

WE HAVE SHOW POSTERS! TAKE AND SHARE! Print some out for your bulletin board! You must have something, right? I know it’s the Friday of Conflikt, I take the gigs when I gets ’em. NOT ALL OF YOU ARE GOING TO CONFLIKT! So come here if you’re not, and bring a friend. Three bands, three sets, no cover! Show page here, poster:

Click image for the JPG; the PDF version is here.

Oh, I forgot; I’m DJ Solarbirdy on turntable.fm, and am usually in J-Pop-and-Anime or Indie While You Work. But I hang out in the K-pop room sometimes too and I will wander around. Wave if you see me. ^_^