Two more show announcements already! W00! In addition to January 27th with Kräken-Röhl and Leannan Sidhe at B-Side Music, we add:

  • February 26, 2012: House Concert, Portland, Oregon. Details TBA, but 4-6pm. This may end up being a private show, I don’t know yet.
  • July 14, 2012: Live at Comic Sands/Clallam Bay Comiket, Outdoor show, multiple sets through the day. Details TBA, but this will NOT be a private show! C’mon out, everybody!

ALSO, I posted this a couple of nights ago but everybody missed it because lol, drunk. The final Cracksman Betty track was released on the 31st! Read about all that here, and come back with me, to days of old, when computers weren’t bought – they were built! By hand! Come back with me – to the days of The S-100 Bus!