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october: nothing but horror

First! The winners of our last poll: in Cascadia, blackberry is the leader of our four horseplants of the botanical apocalypse; outside Cascadia, in North America at large, kudzu is our winner.

And based on total votes, let’s hear it our all-star continental dream team of planty death: blackberry, horsetail, kudzu, and English ivy! Well strangled, all around.

Let’s all just hope there’s never zombie virus variant for plants, shall we?

It’s October! And I literally 20 minutes ago returned from a preview showing of The Thing, the prequel to the 1982 John Carpenter film The Thing, which is, in turn, a remake of the 1951 The Thing from Another World, based on John Campbell’s rather excellent 1938 novella, “Who Goes There?

It’s getting pretty damn meta at this point, because this film covers the events in the Norwegian research base, and we see the end of those events at the start of the 1982 movie, and earlier moments from it through the 1982 film, and all of those were in that movie because the ’82 film used footage from the ’51 film to show events from that base!

Also, the pronouns are getting a mite tricky.

All in all, they did a pretty good job of capturing the atmosphere of Carpenter’s take, and not just in set design. They made one pretty significant change to the events seen or implied in the ’82 film, and from a film standpoint, I can see why you’d do that, tho’ I’m still not convinced it’s necessary. A good skiffy horror romp; not groundbreaking, but fun.

But that brings us to this week’s poll! It’s October, Halloween month, so we’re going to have a series of horror polls! Since we’re starting the month off with a skiffy horror flick, we’ll start with a skiffy horror poll – a roll call of skiffy horrors so terrible, so rampant, so utterly indescribable, that they can only be known by their pronouns! Or, in some cases, their indefinite nouns.

As usual, if an answer you want isn’t available, comment, I’ll add it, and you can come back and vote for it.


[poll id=”13″]

[poll id=”14″]

today is coming out day

Normally I don’t post on Tuesday, but what the hell: j0, I’m a dyke. Deal with it. If you didn’t know that already, I don’t know where the hell you been. Uranus, maybe. XD

If you also didn’t know this already, My Boyfriend is Sailor Moon slash commentary, about the reported attempt to swap the gender of one Sailor to make her into a heterosexual pretty-boy. If you don’t know the story, it’s here. And all lulz aside, this kind of shit is why I still post on Coming Out Day.

I’m also a total Kigo shipper. I have Kigo art on one of my stage props, just for my own amusement. There, that’s maybe something you didn’t know. ^_^

projects and projections

G’morning, everyone! I hope everyone relevant enjoyed a good First Thanksgiving! It’s another Project Week here in the Lair.

FIRST: I want to set up a house concert tour for early winter! I expect both the tour and the houses to be little. ^_^ You and six friends? That’s good enough! These are supposed to be intimate and friendly, while still being actual shows.

I’m looking for anywhere between Vancouver in the north, south to Eugene. I have sent out mail to an assortment of people already, but if you know anybody or are interested yourself? Let me know!

You’ll note this is along the Cascadian rail line. If I can do this by TRAIN! that’s all the better. Acoustic shows don’t need a PA, which means CONCERT TRAIN WOOOOOOOOOO! n/ But you don’t have to have a train station.

SECOND: I’ve been brushing up on screenprinting technique. I’ve been thinking about the TICKIEBOX IS MY MASTER NOW T-shirts, and those shirts are really spendy and that’s without me making money! And that’s stupid, because money should flow towards the supervillain. So I realised, “hey, I’ve got a screen and a squeegee, why am I giving them a piece of the action?” Well, okay, because that was fast and let me bring the lulz. But we’re past that now!

What would you guys like for T-shirts? Drop suggestions in comments. It has to be pretty simple, ’cause I’m new at this. I do have kind of a straightforward idea for a basic crew/street team black T I could try first. These images are first-drafts, but give you the idea:



They’d be available at cost to crew and street team and on any T that people wanted to send me. Others? It’d depend on interest. Whaddya think?

THIRD: I’m working on a new song I may release as a web single. I actually wrote a big chunk of it a while ago but it’s been sitting not-quite-ready-for-prime-time for over a year. It’s about a lot of the same shit the OWS people have been on about. I played with it a bit up in Vancouver last week, but I need a more generalised version, and I think I have that now. I’m excited about this.

FOURTH: I’m on the greater concom of the Norwescon Science Fiction Convention, running nwcMUSIC, the music programming event within Norwescon.

We had a meeting on Saturday. Next door:


I have, of course, submitted it to FailBLOG, where you may vote. Enjoy!

welcome back. welcome back to squid ink.

Leannan Sidhe is in the Lair, working out some vocal scratch tracks to hand to her minions (no) guitar slaves (no) bandmates for the next set of songs she’s writing. (Gods dammit it’s hard working with musicians who aren’t supervillains, I gotta tell you. All the terms change.) She’s already thinking ahead to her next album, which is what any good supervillain musician really should be doing if they have a lot of ideas.

Ambitious ideas. Muah.

But also, I’m trying to put together a little late autumn/winter house concert tour! I’ve already got a bunch of people to contact – and have sent a bunch of mail – but if you host that sort of thing and I don’t know about it already, let me know! I haven’t done this before, so I’m mostly looking for small house concerts – even 6-12 people would be fun. I’m wanting to do a series of intimate and unique house concerts up and down the Cascadian corridor. So, LET THE CONCERT …. TRAIN …. THINGIE …. START!

Goddammit I should’ve rehearsed that. XD

Anyway, send me mail if you know somebody, anywhere between Vancouver and Eugene. Also Victoria! I’ve never been to Victoria. NO REALLY I HAVEN’T IT’S JUST SAD. HELP ME FIX THIS!

The Botanical Apocalypse poll is still going! If the answer you want isn’t on there, comment and I’ll add it. This isn’t a contest, it’s research. (My gf Poison Ivy wants to know.)

Finally, enjoy a conversation from the Lair:

Solarbird: Why is this surprising?
Minion Paul: It’s black! It’s disgusting!
Solarbird: Sesame ice cream is black and that’s really good!
Minion Paul: Sesame ice cream doesn’t come out of a creature’s orifice!
Solarbird: Milk comes out of a cow!
Minion Paul: MILK is not BLACK!
Solarbird: Now I need to genetically engineer a cow that makes sesame ice cream.
Minion Paul: …
Minion Anna: Well, what’s what you get for living with a supervillain.

Leannan Sidhe announces that she has determined that Cthulhu’s weakness is soy sauce, and hypothesises about the wisdom of Cthulhu sushi. She’s hoping for a Guild grant. I think she may have supervillain potential after all!

welcome to fall, a.k.a. botanical apocalypse month

Welcome to October! October, the month that feels like going home, the month of falling leaves, of horror movies, of Halloween, of rainy season, of no more flowers but not yet snow, of the Great Pumpkin, and of Wild Chickens. They go for the kill.

I’m in more of a Poison Ivy mood, even if DC Comics probably screwed her up too in the reboot. (<RAEG>GIVE ME BACK MY POISON IVY/HARLEY QUINN YOU ASSHOLES!</RAEG>) We spent a lot of time this past summer trying to beat back the local strangleweeds, debating over which was the leader. Now, as far as I’m concerned, it all has to end in fire, but who do you think is in charge of the Cascadian botanical apocalypse?

[poll id=”11″]

And for those of you not lucky enough to live in the Republic, what’s going to engulf your world come the Ragweednarok? As always, if the answer you want isn’t here, DO NOT VOTE, but instead put it in comments. I will add it, and you can vote for it then.

[poll id=”12″]

And if that’s not enough evil for you, check this shit out, found by lj:Flashfire: SAUNAPANTS: THE NEXT GENERATION. You want a terrifying picture?

Yes, it’s Commander Riker. In Saunapants. RedARERT!

PS: Don’t forget that tickiebox is your master now! Also the latest Cracksman Betty song, I’m a Rover, Live at Juanita Bay. Enjoy!

And the winner is

…ME! For being at VCON this past weekend! It’s a smallish F&SF convention, but it’s been going a long time and this year was just lovely. I had all kinds of fun meeting people I know, people I knew from only the net, meeting a bunch of people I had not previously known at all, getting to act out like a crazy person on performance panels (TURKEY READINGS so funny XD ), lolling at Godzilla field research, seeing the single best art show I’ve ever seen at an F&SF convention, explaining away wretched science in classic SF, and generally kicking around like a crazy person on speedmetal. And they put up with it!

Okay, so maybe they had to call in reinforcements.

Guys, you’re great! Let’s do that again next year. Shaddyr, keep this up, f’srs. Garth, Karl, Foxipher, all you lot, it was great meeting or re-meeting you. And I’ve left so many people out it’s just stupid! I’m sorry!

Also, I have cider, bagels of the gods, new reading material, and GREEN AND BLACK KITTY EARS!

Kitty ears are, apparently, the fast-track to good behaviour dealing with US customs. I’ve never been treated half that nicely before. ph33r th3 cut3 0n3s, guys. ph33r th3m.

not one of the cut3 0n3s. ph33r it anyway.

Oh, fine, I’ll stop now. WE HAVE A CONTEST WINNER! For those new, we do occasional polls here at the Blog of Evil, on various geeky topics. They usually appear on Wednesdays, but I make no promises. A couple of weeks ago, we asked about your apocalypse engine of choice, and “Rain of jaguars” was our unexpected winner, and that prompted readers to talking about how Apocalypse Jaguar makes a great band name, and people started coming up with album titles.

So I said, “Okay, I can do that XD” and made a contest out of reader entries, submitter of the winning entry to get an autographed copy of Dick Tracy Must Die.


Rialian’s entry, 2012, Mother Maya Metampomp Up the Volume

…an entry submitted on the blog, in comments. Congratulations, Rialian! Everybody, bow before them! DO IT! Don’t make me use the kitty ears. I’m just looking for excuses. XD

Rialian, I’ll a physical mailing address – I’ll email you about that, assuming the registration email works. If it doesn’t, email me through the contact page.

Thanks to everyone who entered, and congratulations again to our winner!

I’ve got an idea for a poll for Wednesday. It probably doesn’t involve hornets. Probably.

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