So busy this week – updates may be ragged, sorry! Rehearsals, nwcMUSIC/Norwescon deadlines including some things I can’t wait to talk about, shows, prep for shows, other shit I still can’t talk about… there is too much. Here, enjoy some bullet points:

I may give polls a rest this week, mostly because I don’t have time to think up a good one. XD But today is Halloween, so you can still go pick your favourite horror film if you want.

Do you get door-to-door kids in your neighbourhood? We hardly get any trick-or-treaters at the Lair. It’s a weird holiday for me, because I don’t have the tradition, and I really don’t know what to do with it. I tried giving away death-rays one year, but working ones are spendy, and who wants broken toys? I’m a supervillain, not a jerk, and not the right kind of clever to come up with something like, say, Snarkkula’s brilliant tradition of gift-wrapped mayonnaise packets. So we have candy! And we even give some of it away.

Except the smarties. Those are ALL MINE!