Apparently The Wall Street Journal scrapes my Livejournal! Presumably for the economics posts. That’s funny! Since that really is the newspaper of record for a certain class of supervillain, I’m totes onboard with that. I’ve even seen a few hits from that page! Hi, guys! If you’re looking for opportunities for positions in my minion legions, the application form is on the Contact page; good luck!

Here, have a bunch of awesome things:

GO VOTE in the contest poll! All these entries are by people reading this thing, so go support their creativity. o/ And, of course, if you missed it: NEW TRAD O’ TH’ MONTH! Like all the Cracksman Betty project, it’s a free/pay-what-you-like download.

I’m off to VCON! I may and may not have net access. Try not to blow up the lair while I’m gone. Have a good weekend, minions!

ps: Here, have domesticated Russian foxes being very cute. Don’t say I never gave you nothin’. XD