Normally here I’d have a cool new post for you to wake up to on Monday morning! But I don’t, because a mild windstorm blew our IP upstream off the net for many hours. So you get hopefully amusing bullet points.

1: The Image of the Poll from last week are still the marine apocalypse jaguars. I never thought a combination of Battlestar Galactica and Aztec legend would be your preferred engine of the apocalypse, but who am I to argue? However, if you start to go all ancient astronaut on me, Londo Mollari is going to have to line you up and kick all your asses. Just sayin’.

2: Black Mesa is recruiting. If, you know, you’re the sort to like shipping products without testing them. C.f.:

No momentum goo. No industrial properties. Why bother?

3: I’m learning a new pick technique. It’s difficult and wants my wrist to move in ways that are apparently common for you lot but are freaky and weird to me. But I will say this: it’s damned fast. I like that.

That’s it. Check back for more later! I’ll come up with somethin’ when I have brains again. XD