You’d think people would know by now: do not hire Aperture Science’s contracting team. I mean, do you really need showers and AI cores in your library’s children’s section? How do you even get here:

(yes, this is at our new library)

Of course, if it’s about educating kids on surviving the inevitable Cylon Skynet Talkie Rain of Jaguars apocalypse, then that’s fine! For some degree of fine, where fine means awesome means yay! Testing!

Which, of course, reminds me of a question that’s certainly been on my mind lately:

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If your preferred apocalypse engine is not on this list, DO NOT ANSWER THE POLL YET! People seemed to like the add-an-answer system last time, so we’ll do that again. INSTEAD OF ANSWERING THE POLL, leave a comment with your preferred answer. I will add it to the poll! Check back and vote for your answer when it appears!

I have a couple of new songs in progress and am starting to get a grip on their lyrics. The main chord framework has come together for both songs, which is always feels great. This summer, I figured out Irish bouzouki power chords – there’s four words you don’t expect to see in a row, now do you? – and, well, fuck yeah. They’re akin to guitar power chords but instead of 1/5/maybe +1 whatevery? It’s three octaves of 1/5/1/5/1/5 action. IT’S BEAUTIF <head explodes>

And for all you people whose eyes glazed over? That’s okay. You’ll be hearing about this. n/

Finally, I love crazy fan projects so very very much. Space: 2099 is a fan-project fixing Space: 1999. That’s not too hard with Year One; year one was actually pretty good at times, despite some problems. Year Two is, shall we say, a challenge. But… this is totally awesome. And I totally wish this was real. Rock on, you crazy fans. Rock the fuck on. n/