Hello, London! and listeners across the globe on the ARfm live stream! I just heard that one of our tracks, “When You Leave,” is on your station a few times this week, courtesy Paul Baker’s Soundscapes programme! That is so awesome I do not have words for how much awesome is is crammed into that. Hee hee hee hee Cascadian elfmetal bands say HELLO, LONDON! o/

We’re new, so all this is a big deal for us and we’re not being cool and detached about it, not even a little. Fuck that! This is awesome and we’re not afraid to say so. o/

So poke around the site a bit! Click on the Music link above to free-stream our music, including the new studio album Dick Tracy Must Die, the live EP Espionage (Live from Mars), and the ongoing piracy-and-revolution Cracksman Betty project. There’s also a mailing list you can join to get occasional newsletters and free downloads, and you can friend us on Facebook.

If you like what you hear, tell your friends! We don’t have any gigs in the UK yet, but we’d love to change that!

ETA: Bubo G. Gear just messaged telling me I’m between Betsy Tinney and Laura Palmer on his Dementia Radio-hosted Shifting Gears show tomorrow, Tuesday 2 August 2011, at 4pm Cascadian/Pacific! (That’s 9am London, 1pm Eastern. Archive here, if you missed it.) Talk about some good fuckin’ company, what!