Our net connection has been particularly wretched recently, due to Verizon/Frontier’s utter lack of willingness to maintain their hardware in our area. It’s so phenomenally bad, that we’re giving up and moving. This means prying our ancien régime Class C out of my own cold, dead hands, but it’s so bad that I don’t care anymore.

Things may be weird for a little while on the website as a result of the move. Access may be spotty. To make up for it, we’ve dropped shipping charges to zero! Shipping is now free, anywhere in the world. And of course you get the immediate download included. So now is a good time to buy that physical disc you’ve been wanting!

Plus I just bought this bitchin’ harmonics sound pedal for live shows and I’d like to pay for that. XD:

It’s mine, all mine! Muah ah ha ha!

So buy while it’s cheap, OK!

Also, if you’re on Facebook, please like the Facebook page! We need more likes on Facebook. (If you’re already reading this on Facebook; thanks!) You guys pushed us to the top of the front page on singersongwriter.com, after that last post, which is really great and hopefully will get us more iTunes hits. Thanks so much, this stuff does add up and you guys do matter. o/

(And talking of iTunes – on iPhone, we’ve got enough ratings and it shows the average – five stars, fuck yeah! But on the website and OSX, it still says MORE RATINGS NEEDED. If you get a chance, give us some stars! We need the stars. ALL OF THEM. ALLLLLLLLLL THE STARS MUST BELONG TO UUUUSSSSSSSSSSS MUWAH HA HA HA HAA! )

Um. Yeah, sorry about the maniacal laughter. That happens sometimes. Maybe it was the Heather Dale/SJ Tucker/Wendy Rule show last night. Maybe it’s the bitchin’ new babydoll band T that Heather and Ben brought all the way from Toronto for me. (<3!) (Heather, Ben, and S00j are playing again on Monday, at Soul Food Books in Redmond. Hie thee the hell over!)

Or, on the other hand, maybe I should adjust my dosage. But where’s the fun in that?