I was doing admin stuff on Bandcamp the other day. Do you know Bandcamp allows you to post separate art for every song? I do! And that means it’s time for an ART CONTEST! Yay!

To play, make some kind of visual art about any individual track on the website, including spoken word. When it’s finished, send it to me, or a link to it, with how you want credited, and a link to your website if you want one. Any kind of visual art that can be posted to the web counts.

I’ll post entries to the blog as they come in, credited and with link. (Assuming they are legally postable, and reasonably copyright-OK. No stealing! It’s not irony; we just don’t want the competition.) The ones the band like most will be put on Bandcamp, again with credit and link, assuming everybody’s okay with that.

And assuming at least three entries, somebody will win a signed CD, and there may be other prizes as we think of them!

Did I forget anything? I hope not. Anyway, that’s how it works. We’ll put entries up as we get them, and pick favourites on June 1st!

Also! Come to the show Friday night at the Green Bean in Greenwood, Seattle! It’s a multiple-act set with me, Weird Feeling nr. 3 headlining, and another act who I don’t know yet because the hula dance troupe originally opening for me at 6pm had to cancel. Shows start 6ish and run through 8:30. C’mon out, it should be good weird fun!