The biggest thing on my mind right now is that I need a booking agent. I’m terrible at that. I’m also terrible at publicity. Having signed with Two Side Moon to handle that in the UK is a really big deal for me and a huge relief – we’ve been throwing data and samples back and forth at each other all week, and I’m really enjoying letting someone else do the actual publicity part.

Hey, musicians in Cascadia, any of you got recommendations? I wanna outsource this!

In toy news, dw:technoshaman pointed me at a pickpuncher that lets you punch your own picks out of plastic. I’ve made picks out of random bits of plastic before, using scissors, but I’m pretty sure that if I forgot all my picks somehow, I wouldn’t remember the pickpuncher! XD But if you’re a big enough DIYer and can find the plastic you want, here’s the tool you need! Enjoy: