I’m looking for a bass guitarist for an 8pm Thursday gig at the Norwescon Science Fiction Convention in Sea-Tac, Washington. I have two songs I’d like to do which really need their bass guitar parts: Stars and Let Me Help, both of which have bass guitar solos. (There’s no bass in Let Me Help until the bridge, so if you can’t hear it and you’re not at the bridge yet, well, that’s why.) Other songs may have basslines as well, but for me those are the big two.

Know anybody? Sadly, this is not a paying gig, but talk to me anyway if you do.

If you missed the weekend post about a new Trad O’ th’ Month recording, click here to enjoy Paddy Murphy! It’s a night I’ll never forget.

Finally, on a completely different topic, check out friend Jesse’s short film project on Kickstarter – he’s trying to raise money to do better short films. He’s a funny writer and I think with some real equipment could do some good stuff. You’ll find his project here:


I also need to post about CD pre-orders! But that’ll wait ’till next time because this is too damn busy already.

I ought to post a picture with this but I don’t have one. THIS POST IS JUST FOR THE LITERATE! XD