Hey, taxes are done! Or not. But everything I can do before the worm dismantles irs.gov appointment I have with the accountant is done. Yay!

In other news, I’ve been playing with that audio recording I made of the live show last Valentine’s day with Leannan Sidhe. Shanti set up a camera and got a little over 40 minutes of video, too, so she wants to post some videos from the show. I’ve matched that up with the audio recording I got (a mono track from all mics with some audience noise, but I can work with that) and have a test video!

But I don’t want to post it until I get the signoff from Leannan Sidhe, even if holding off on something like that – even if it’s just a static-shot live video – makes my fingers itchy. AAAAAAAAH WANT TO POST NEW THING!

So it’ll have to wait until Leannan Sidhe say yes. I’ll toss a pointer here when it’s online. ^_^

PS: duplicator is ordered! omg yay! o/