I have a serious, last-second problem.

iTunes’s Sound Enhancer, which is on by default, and everywhere, picks something in “Shout at the Desert” that on every other playback device I can find spends most of its time being an accent noise, and turns it into a continuous presence.

It does so mostly when cranked on headset, which is why I’ve never noticed it before. I have to play it at levels substantially louder than I like to listen to headsets, but levels that many other people consider just fine. Turn off Sound Enhancer, it goes away. Play the song on exactly the same hardware but outside of iTunes, it’s not there. You need iTunes+headset+loud, and then PLEASE ENJOY MY FESTIVAL GEYSER OF 659HZ KTHX.

This is where I hit my head against a wall a zillion times.

What the fuck do I do about this? I can’t ignore it, too many people use iTunes and it’s on by default, so I guess I have to engineer around it. But I want that noise in there! Just not, you know, RANDOMLY BOOSTED THROUGH THE CEILING.